Memo regarding Steve Repetti and sordid history

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Attorney's memo regarding Steve Repetti and his sordid history that remained hidden until revealed during an investigation and subsequent legal proceeding in Broward County Florida.


Attached are records indicating Mr Repetti (Steve Repetti) is affiliated with 6 bankruptcies in the late 1990's all filed in the central district of California. All of the bankruptcies were dismissed without adjudication.

I have also attached evidence that Mr Repetti is registered to vote in Florida and was registered to vote in California. Mr Repetti may have had is civil rights restored OR he simply did not let everyone know he was a convicted felon.

I do not know the worth of this material to you. I believe there to be other criminal records, but I have no reason to believe they will be of use to you because of their age. His modus operandi is rather apparent. He started in Maryland, spent his reputation capital quickly with bad checks and fraudulent representations and moved to California. In California, he attempted to clean his debt in bankruptcy in failed. if you look at some of the bankruptcy filings there, most were Chapter 7 but a few designated some assets. He failed to clean his debt, moved to Florida, picked up a relatively credit worth lady in Angela, and proceeded to do his business and spend whatever rejuvenated reputation capital he acquired, and then opened a safety valve in Tennessee. I don't know what your plans are for pursuing this matter, but research has to be done to attract the FBI. You have 3 jurisdictions at least, and Mr Repetti's representations involve all of them.

Let me know what other materials I can assist you with.



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