Suit Voluntarily Dismissed against Judgement Proof Steve Repetti

Added By Einstein - Sep 9, 2016 - Court and Legal


This court document shows that a lawsuit brought against Steve Repetti of Radweb Technologies has been dismissed without prejudice and may be refiled at any time.

The dismissal and attached factual documents demonstrate that Steve Repetti is effectively judgement proof and has on at least one previous occasion been found to have committed fraud against the court.

Additionally due to IRS Liens filed against Steve Repetti in the amount of $2.4 million dollars it is not clear that Repetti could ever legally satisfy any judgement. These IRS liens were filed against Angela Repetti and Radweb Technologies, LLC as well as these entities were determined to be "alter egos" of Steve Repetti.

The document outlines that Repetti owes at least $4,430,510.66 in verified IRS liens and civil judgments dating back to the 1980's.

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