Steve Repetti, CEO (Radweb Technologies LLC) Demand Made Upon for Financial Information from Shareholders

Added By MuckRaker - Mar 3, 2016 - Court and Legal


On December 8 ,2014 my client made demand to Steve Repetti, CEO (Radweb Technologies LLC), to inspect the books and records of Forever me.

On December 12, 2014 you represented that you would make the records available for inspection. On January 7, 2014 I e-mailed you on behalf of my client requesting that the records be made available on Florida at the earliest possible time. Since that e-mail, you have failed to respond and/or failed to make any records available. In addition, in several supplemental e-mails I have made inquiry as to when you will be providing access to the books and records. You have failed to respond to no less than 5 inquiries since December 12, 2014. As such, you are leaving my clients with very few alternatives to bringing an action to force the inspection of the books and records.

Before any action is brought, my clients have asked me to reach out to you one final time in the hope that you will provide them with the information previously requested and previously pledged. In reaching out to you, my clients are prepared to accept the documents in stages.


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